Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick gun cures - Mind it :)

As a single working (staying away from family) Mumbaikar of Tamil origin (trying to be politically correct :P ) one does have occasional pangs of homesickness.. For those who can't afford an immediate trip to Chennai there are quick fix remedies:
  1. Visit Chembur for an instant T-nagar like therapy with the crowds and vendors who are quick to respond to a quick query in Tamil. Two in one benefit - hear, speak and bargain in Tamil as well as soak in the T-nagar like atmosphere if you enjoy it
  2. For those who hate crowds Matunga is a better option. With temples, an old post office, flower shops, T book/cd stores, and not to mention amazing south indian food it doubles up as a mini more cosmopolitan Mylapore
  3. Visit any mall and if you manage to stop for a minute in a place there is a ninety percent chance of hearing a Tamil family debate or discuss their current or future purchases
  4. Catch a Tamil movie at a multiplex in Mulund/Sion or at the small little Arora theatre at Matunga
  5. Switch on Sun TV/any Tamil channel/Tamil movie and bite into good self cooked south Indian food - cooked out based on the age old Meenakshi Ammal Cook and see (samaithu paar) book :) ... Read the Hindu newspaper as well.. For best returns try this is on a lazy Sunday or Saturday
  6. Visit a Tamil family friend for dinner/lunch and enjoy a good south Indian healthy meal along with some good tam-english banter
All these are definitely set to bring in a small smile and dozens of positive stimulants to make the homesickness vanish with the unbelievable efficiency and speed of Rajnikanth's stunts (no am not a fan :P ).....


Jason Bourne said...

Here is a tip. I visited this restaurant in Matunga. The food was your typical 'kalyana samayal'. And by restaurant I am stretching the truth a bit. It was a shack outside the 'Kanchi madam'. The food for three of cost us 100 bucks. The taxi came to 200 bucks.:)


shark_surfs said...

hey JB, know that place...its good food ..probably more exotic south indian stuff too... yummy food :)