Sunday, April 12, 2009

Memoirs of a Lappie

The motivation for writing this blog only grows as I key this post from the dingy locales of a neighbourhood cyber cafe. My laptop decided to give into partial paralysis on Friday thus depriving me the company of my partner of 2 and a half years - my gateway to entertainment, social networking, blogging, news, brainstorming on excel sheets from work, and a whole lot of fun. She came into my life in the November of 2006 and the lonely ranger had a more exciting life thanks to her. What resulted was constant attention from the lone ranger to the laptop as the television and books sulked. She (lappie) had eliminated the pain of visiting a cyber cafe, playing to timelines of the cyber cafe, typing away at unfamiliar key boards and glazing at painful monitors. She was the messaih who could be typed at or stared at the bed side or in any comfortable position/place, who could hold a glass of juice steady on her side board (the only stable surface on a bed/sofa), and who accompanied & served one at all places (the bus/airports/even the local train once). There are often references in stories about how the desertion of the spouse makes the other one feel they are missing just a piece of furniture. In my case however the absence of the not so wee but very bonnie lass (lappie) makes me feel like the spouse is missing .... The fond memories and the wishing that she suddenly resurrect herself are possibly much stronger than when the cell phone was down a few weeks back. Truly she occupies centerstage in my life and I believe in the lives of a lot of young people who are as addicted to their laptops/computers like me.

However there is hope as I am still searching for a service centre that can diagnoze and cure her. One word for the Compaq/HP service - pathetic!. The website says check the phone or type away some text that you scan your lappie all over for, and get gibberish or sorry we couldn't find a solution/understand your problem as a reply. The phone helpline is even worse. The first toll number was amazing - after five options that you select continuously the response you get is other helpline numbers that you must dial for options x,y,z and to top it that message is not repeated. So if it went too fast (remember you need to catch the description of the service , a toll free number and a landline number) well you dial that number again which is what yours truly did. Then when you dial the second number at the end of voice recorded messages and numerous options you need to select you get to hear that they apparently work 9-6 Mondays to Fridays & that for any other service you can check the website !!!! With all this people expect you not to get frustrated ? hmmn...... Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!

P.S. If you are wondering how I vented it out - well on an ISD call to my brother who was in a similar state just weeks before and thus bore the melodrama of it all. Had I been in a more poetic mode might just have composed a sonnet :P

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BrownPhantom said...

Oh yes. Can't live without the lappie. If one stays alone, then there are all the more reasons to personify and feel connected to them.
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Blogrolling you :).