Friday, July 21, 2017

Picture on the wall

Peace, comfort, love and reassurance is all that I see in your smiles
Now that you have made the journey of a thousand miles
All I have are the fond memories and a picture on the wall

Whenever I remember you I brush it aside so I don't feel bad
Instead I try to remember what you would have said on seeing me sad
To not dwell in the well of self pity and instead accept it
To think of all the blessings
To treasure the child and his antics
To practice patience 
To accept all that is and move on
For shall life shall move on whether you want to or not!

Now you might not like being a picture on the wall
However that way your warm gaze will always fall
Your smile will light up the room and our hearts really tall

All that remains are the material associations and the memories
Of these the memories are the most precious for without them life would be barren.

It's been a year, soon close to two and it's still not easy to move on. Love you loads , even after death does us apart. For you are indeed more than just a picture on the wall.

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