Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quirky things that make you so unimitably you

There always quirks that define people. Things that aren't necessarily negative but just strange and typical of the person. Have figured out a few about myself over the years:
  1. For one the habit of arriving two hours early at the airport, railway station or bus depot when you need to go out of town. I wasn't always like this - learnt it the hardway actually by missing a flight to Chennai and being on the receiving end of a few things, and paying end of an additional flight ticket :)
  2. Second carrying loads of things - call it being over prepared or being typical of "women" - its a hard to kill habit. Not complaining since its always been more positive than negative. This trait I guess was mastered during undergraduation, practised sincerely ever since. No wonder Dad calls me "mootaitooki" once in a while. Now I have deliberately downsized my handbag to redeem myself a bit at least :P
  3. Third carrying anything readable wherever I go - be it a news paper, a book, an article - love reading or the thought of reading :) .. Not at all a bad habit as long as you don't leave a sweater or an umbrella behind while faithfully clutching the newspaper all around town .
  4. Creating excel sheets/word documents/ppts. Name an obscure purpose and I can guarantee you I would have excel-ed/ word-ed /ppt-ed it :) ... Its a passion that probably started with powerpoint - well hmmn.. ya .. made a powerpoint presentation to my parents as to why I should be allowed to drive my bike to college while in undergraduation. (On the sidelines if your curious as to whether it helped- not really in terms of riding the bike, but definitely monetarily as a recognition of my ppt skills !)
Thats all I can recollect right now :) Even a passing memory of these brings in a little amusement on a boring day for me :) Quirkiness is fun :) ....

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somitra said...

One quirkiness that I have before travelling is to put my tooth brush in the bag a night before and then in morning taking out from the bag brushing and forgetting to put it back in bag :) .