Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life for granted!

Read this article about the recent birth of octuplets – the second set of octuplets born in the United States and now the longest surviving. The mother Ms. Suleman lives with her parents, Angela and Ed Suleman, and her six other children. Normally do not feel strongly about the personal lives or decisions of others but the startling pieces of information have had an impact.

News reports have emerged the mother of fourteen, a divorcee aged 33 years, living within modest financial circumstances had all her children through in vitro fertilization. She had refused the option of a selective abortion when told she was expecting multiple babies. Strange world indeed!

Without judging right or wrong wish people used their head more than their hearts especially when it s to do with bringing lives into the world. If as her mother indicated Ms. Suleman did indeed want to be surrounded by children adoption or even taking a profession as a kindergarten teacher might have been more sensible. If one does play the ethical card then how is it that using science to propagate children is acceptable, while selective termination especially when one lacks the financial means considered sinful.

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