Friday, November 21, 2008

My first blog

So many vague threads no strong yarn to knit... thats how I can sum up my attempt at writing my first blog... With an avid blogger for a brother and serious bloggers as friends its surprising that I am starting so late... Whats even more startling is realizing how hard it is to find the right string :) ... Having said that let me take the plunge now :)

The joys and pains of living alone in a big big city Mumbai....

Mumbai city has always been like home to me considering that I was born here around 25 years back.. Memories of childhood in Mumbai are virtually non-existent and the earliest recollections of the city are the rare small summer holidays 3 times between 2nd and 5th standard (long long ago)... Three summer internship interviews, a 2 month long summer internship and a overnight trip for an exam were all that I had before moving in permanently thanks to final placement post MBA :) and needless to say I enjoy every bit that the city has to offer despite the crowds and traffic :) ..

Three years spent as paying guests in two different suburbs and a growing wardrobe and bookshelf led to final decision of moving into a separate rented accommodation :) A decision I live upto with more joy and random transient pangs of second thought ...

As the sole occupant of the house am both the mistress and the slave :)... Freedom yes but responsibilities also and not to mention expenses :P ... Joy multiplies as I can let the "mess" (as my mom would like to call it) accumulate before my cleaning cycle starts... What she calls "mess" I call things stationed in different places such that they remind me of their existence and stand ready in the call of (their) duty.. Freedom to sing, freedom to eat as and when I please, to sleep when favoured, to watch tv, browse the net and listen to music to ones heart’s content at the oddest of times are all god sends to the lone ranger.

What dims this is definitely cleaning the house or supervising the maid if you have one and pangs of loneliness when the network is busy, or you bugged for no apparent reason, no available friend, no sought person/s on g talk and you just feel the whole worlds against you…. And of supervising maids yours truly tried even that before realizing I was doing double work in supervision spending as much time and effort J…. Just realized the second part sounded drastic though true.,.. However it may partly be a phenomena with women and partly the tendency of the mind to exaggerate negatives when alone… At these times a realization of the associative powers does help to some extent but it still takes time to overcome it all… Overall its been more sweet than otherwise and so life moves on for this lone ranger also…. ¡adiĆ³s! till next time

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